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WINKtoLEARN, one of the largest early learning resource developers based in Singapore, provides one of the most comprehensive range of early language learning resources like iBooks, apps, flash cards, DVDs and CDs helping your child to acquire multiple languages from young. Our programs are inspired by proven teaching methods pioneered by Dr. Glenn Doman (from USA) and Dr. Makato Shichida (from Japan).

Early learning is critical for every child's growing journey. Flashcard methodology is proven to be highly effective in helping even babies to read from young. Early exposure to learning proven to help an infant's right-brain development

Our Speak & Read series provides a systematic curriculum-based program to parents and educators which help children to acquire words, phrases and sentences. The biggest advantage is that your child only needs to learn one lesson a day over a period of six months. This means that your child will only be exposed to TV less than eight minutes a day which sets our programs apart from any other programs in the marketplace. 

Our physical flash cards series is specially designed to aid parents and educators in flashing real-life pictures and big words effectively in accordance to proper and proven flashing pedagogical techniques. The series is made available in English and Mandarin of a total of 8 titles (Beginner 1 to 4 & Intermediate 1 to 4). It helps your child to progress gradually from simple words and advance to difficult words.


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