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SONG ORDER Chinese Lyrics English Translation
Song 1 歌曲名:当我们同在一起 Song Title: As We Get Together!
  当我们同在一起 As we get together
  在一起, 在一起 together, together
  当我们同在一起 As we get together
  其快乐无比 We are so happy.
  你对着我笑嘻嘻 You look and smile at me
  我对着你笑哈哈 I look and smile at you
  当我们同在一起 As we get together
  其快乐无比 We are so happy.
Song 2 歌曲名:捕鱼歌 Song Title: The Fishing Song
  白浪滔滔我不怕 I’m not afraid of the white exuberant waves
  掌起舵儿往前划 Holding tighly to the rudder and rowing forward
  撒网下水到鱼家 Casting the nets unto the water
  捕条大鱼笑哈哈 Happily caught a big fish
Song 3 歌曲名:妹妹背着洋娃娃 Song Title: Sister is carrying a doll on her back
  妹妹背着洋娃娃 Sister is carrying a doll on her back
  走到花园来看花 She is strolling down the garden to look at the flowers
  娃娃哭了叫妈妈 The doll is crying and looking for her mother
  树上小鸟笑哈哈 A bird in the tree laughing at her.
Song 4 歌曲名:握紧拳头 Song Title: Grasp Your Fist!
  握紧拳头, 打开拳头 Grasp (your) fist. Open (your) fist.
  拍拍双手, 握紧拳头 Clap, clap both hands. Grasp (your) fist
  打开拳头, 拍拍双手 Open (your) fist. Clap, clap both hands
  把两只胳臂向上举 Raise up both arms
  眼睛两个, 鼻子一个 Two eyes. One nose
  耳朵两个,嘴巴一个 Two ears. One mouth.
Song 5 歌曲名: 溜滑梯 Song Title: Play With The Slide
  溜滑梯 溜滑梯 Slide down! Slide down!
  真有趣 It's so fun!
  爬上来 溜下去 Climb up and slide down
  瞧我们 爬上来 溜下去 Look at us! Climbing up and sliding down.
  一路滑到地 All the way to the ground.
Song 6 歌曲名: 火车快飞 Song Title: The Speedy Train
  火车快飞,火车快飞 Speedy Train, Speedy Train
  穿过小山,渡过小溪 Went through the small mountains and little streams
  不知经过几百里 How many miles did it cover?
  快到家里,快到家里 Reaching home soon, reaching home soon.
  快到家里,快到家里 Reaching home soon, reaching home soon.
  妈妈看见心欢喜 My mother will be pleased to see me.
Song 7 歌曲名:丑小鸭 Song Title: The Ugly Duckling
  呱呱呱呱呱 Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack.
  丑小鸭,丑小鸭 Ugly duckling, ugly duckling
  腿儿短短脚掌大 She has short legs and big feet.
  长长脖子扁嘴巴 She has a long neck and a flat mouth (beak)
  走起路来摇摇摇 When (she's) walking, (she's) wobbling
  爱到河边去玩耍 She loves to go to river and play
  喉咙虽小声音大 Tho' her throat is small, the voice is loud
  可是只会呱呱呱 But she can only "quack, quack, quack"
Song 8 歌曲名:小小姑娘 Song Title: Sweet Little Girl
  小小姑娘 Little girl
  清早起床 Get up from her bed in the morning
  提着花篮上市场 She carrys a flower basket to the market
  穿过大街 Past by big streets
  走过小巷 Walk through the small lanes
  买花买花真珍藏 She buys some flowers and they are precious to her.
Song 9 歌曲名: 小星星 Song Title: Little Stars
  一闪一闪亮晶晶,满天都是小星星 Twinkle twinkle little stars, The sky is filled with them.
  挂在天空放光明,好像许多小眼睛 Shining in the sky just like many little eyes.
  一闪一闪亮晶晶,满天都是小星星 Twinkle twinkle little stars, The sky is filled with them.
Song 10 歌曲名: 下雨天 Song Title: Rain Song
  xi li, xi li, hua la, hua la (Sound of the rain)
  雨下来了 It's raining.
  我的妈妈带着雨伞来接我 My mother fetches me with an umbrella.
  xi li, xi li, hua la, hua la (Sound of the rain)
  la la la la (Sound of the rain)
Song 11 歌曲名:造飞机 Song Title: Building A Plane
  造飞机, 造飞机 Let's build a plane! Let's build a plane!
  来到青草地 Come to the green pasture
  蹲下去, 蹲下去 Squat down, squat down.
  我做飞机翼 I'll be the wings
  蹲下去, 蹲下去 Squat down, squat down.
  你做推进器 You'll be the engine.
  弯着腰, 弯着腰 Bend down, bend down
  飞机做得起 Let's build a plane!
  飞上去,飞上去 Fliying high, flying high
  飞到白云里 Fliying high into the clouds.
Song 12 歌曲名: 蝴蝶 Song Title: Butterfly Song
  蝴蝶 蝴蝶 Butterfly, butterfly
  生得真美丽 You are so pretty
  头戴着金丝 You have golden feelers on your head
  身穿花花衣 You have flowery clothes
  你爱花儿 You (butterfly) like flowers
  我也爱你 I like you (butterfly) too
  你会跳舞 You can dance.
  花有甜蜜 Flowers have sweet nectars.
Song 13 歌曲名:十个小孩子 Song Title: Ten little children
  一个、两个、三个小孩子 One, two, three little children
  四个、五个、六个小孩子 Four, five, six little children
  七个、八个、九个小孩子 Seven, eight, night little children
  十个小孩一起来 Ten little children coming together
  十个小孩拍拍小手 Ten little children clapping their hands
  十个小孩吹着喇叭 Ten little children blowing their trumpets
  十个小孩敲锣打鼓 Ten little children playing their cymbals and drums
  一同拉手跳支舞 Everyone holding hands and dancing together
Song 14 歌曲名: 一个拇指动一动 Song Title: One Thumb Moves A Little.
  一个拇指动一动,一个拇指动一动 A thumb moves a little. A thumb moves a little.
  大家唱歌,大家跳舞,真快乐 We are singing and dancing happily together.
  (2)“食指” (2) Pointer (2nd finger)
  (3)“中指” (3) Tall man (3rd finger)
Song 15 歌曲名:三轮车 Song Title: The Trishaw Song
  三轮车,跑得快 The trishaw is moving very fast.
  上面坐个老太太 There is an old lady sitting on it.
  要五毛,给一块 The trishaw man wants fifty cents and yet the old lady gives a dollar
  你说奇怪不奇怪 Don't you think it's strange?
Song 16 歌曲名: 大象 Song Title: Elephant Song
  大象,大象 Elephant, elephant
  你的鼻子 为什么那么长 Why was your nose (trunk) so long?
  妈妈说鼻子长才是漂亮 My mother said that I am pretty with a long nose (trunk)
Song 17 歌曲名:我愿做个好小孩 Song Title: I Like To Be An Obedient Child
  我愿做个好小孩 I like to be an obedient child.
  身体清洁 My body is refreshed!
  心情爽快 My spirits are high!
  无论走到哪里 As wherever I go,
  使得人人爱 everyone loves me
  使得人人爱 everyone loves me
Song 18 歌曲名:我的朋友在哪里? Song Title: Where Are My Friends?
  一二三四五六七 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven
  我的朋友在哪里? Where are my friends?
  在这里,在这里 Over here, over here!
  我的朋友在这里 My friends are over here!
Song 19 歌曲名: 头儿肩膀膝脚趾 Song Title: Head & Shoulder, Knees & Toes
  头儿肩膀膝脚趾, Head & Shoulder, Knees & Toes
  膝脚趾,膝脚趾 Knees, toes. knees, toes
  头儿肩膀膝脚趾, Head & Shoulder, Knees & Toes
  眼耳鼻和口 Eyes, ears, nose and mouth
Song 20 歌曲名:我爱乡村 Song Title: I Love My Village
  我爱乡村,乡村风景好 I love my village. Her scenery is very beautiful
  山上有丛林,地上长青草 There is a forest on the mountains. There is green pasture on the plains.
  鱼儿水中游,鸟儿树上叫 Fishes are swimming in the water. Birds are singing in the trees.
  我爱乡村,乡村风景好 I love my village. Her scenery is very beautiful
Song 21 歌曲名:两只老虎 Song Title: Two Tigers
  两只老虎,两只老虎 There are two tigers. There are two tigers.
  跑得快,跑得快 Running very fast. Running very fast.
  一只没有耳朵 One has no ears
  一只没有尾巴 The other has no tail
  真奇怪,真奇怪 Don't you find them peculiar?
Song 22 歌曲名: 生日快乐 Song Title: Happy Birthday!
  祝你生日快乐,祝你生日快乐 Wishing you a happy birthday, Wishing you a happy birthday.
  祝你生日快乐,祝你永远快乐 Wishing you a happy birthday, Wishing you happiness forever.
Song 23 歌曲名: 放学歌 Song Title: After School Song
  功课完毕 太阳夕 I have done my schoolwork! The sun is about to set.
  背起书包回家去 I carry my bag and go home.
  看见父母行个礼 I greet my parents. .
  父母对我笑嘻嘻 My parents smile at me.

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